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In A Flash

Mini Set: William's Wishes (Counting) - In A Flash Flashcards

Mini Set: William's Wishes (Counting) - In A Flash Flashcards

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A new take on flashcards

In A Flash flashcards are the brainchild of Jodie Becker, a first nations Canadian mom living abroad in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband, two bilingual tots Alexander (7 years) and Madeleine (3 years) and 5 chickens (aka the escape artists).

While flashcards have been a preschool staple for generations of Canadian families, Jodie developed a new way to use them along with an innovative way to inspire intrinsic learning. Learning through movement (kinesthetic learning) paired with inspiring multi-concept themes makes learning fun for kids (and teaching fun for parents!).

The concept is based on more than 10 years of experience working directly with children in various roles, including one of the Netherlands’ leading bilingual childcare facilities.

Mini Set: William's Wishes

This mini set with 10 flashcards is all about introducing your child to counting and numbers with exciting designs and friends!

This is a charity product without a profit margin, we have sponsored all materials outside of the printing costs to maximize our donation. By purchasing these flashcards, you are supporting William and countless other children born with Menkes disease, a severe metabolic disease that prevents copper from reaching the cells.

Until recently ago, William had a life expectancy of 3 years. After a healthy start, children with Menkes disease begin to experience severe symptoms at about 3 months of age. With a new experimental treatment, William is expected to fully recover - an incredible miracle worth fighting for. To complete the non-funded medical trials, the families are working together to raise €400,000, of which only €100,000 remains. Our aim with this beautiful set of flashcards is to raise €1000 for William and the Menkes community.
Made in Netherlands.

Flashcards are all about defining and understanding the exciting and ever-expanding world that your child is busy exploring. Flashcards foster emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation and family bonding, and build a solid foundation for more complicated learning concepts.

With flashcards, you will have a fun and relaxing time while helping your little one define the world around her.

This mini package with 10 beautifully illustrated flashcards is a fun way to become familiar with the countless ways you can use flashcards, including our unique method (learning through movement).


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