Finally, toys they won't stop using after one hour.

From seating to playing to snoozing, our high-quality play couches have got you covered.

Ethically made in Quebec, designed for years of heavy-duty open-ended kinetic play!

Our Happy Customers

Best purchase ever! Got the go coconut play couch for my daughters 3rd birthday and it was the best gift we ever got her. She is OBSESSED it’s so comfy and durable and all the different things we can do with it keeps her imagination going.

Marina White  - June 2023

Fun times! Best purchase I've made in a long time ! My son and whenever his friend is over have so much fun with our GO Coconut.

Nathalie Gaudreault  - July 2023

Best playcouch ever! Love how fun and versatile it is - not only for babies/kids but adults as well. I would attribute my 10 month old being able to crawl/climb and walk early because of this play couch by helping him build his confidence as well as literally having something to climb on that wasn’t dangerous. We wake up every morning and part of our routine is to try to put together a different configuration from the day before!

Angela Wang  -  June 2023

The Canadian Toy For Kids Who Have Endless Energy

Best Sellers

Architect Bundle (8 pieces)

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The Coconut

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Discovery Bundle (4 pieces)

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Wedge & Mega Rocker Bundle

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Wedge Pack

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Half-Moon pack

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Made in Canada with ❤️

We are proud to be manufacturing in Canada not only because it supports the local economy, but also because it allows for faster iterations and constant supervision of the quality.

We talk directly to the seamstresses and brainstorm with them to improve our quality. We get to ask about their families, and share our successes all together.

Image of a woman in a sweater

Sewing our covers

Our team of seamstresses working within our offices in Laval, Québec then handles the process from beginning to end.

This not only guarantees constant product quality, it also gives us the ability to make adjustments on the spot when needed and to oversee quality control of the entire process.

We then fill your covers with foam, verify the zipper tuck safely and prepare your shipment to go!

We keep everything local as our way of encouraging the Canadian economy and of supporting our fellow business owners across the country.

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Research and product development

Our concept and design was made in Montréal by Diana, not only one of our co-founders but a toy and product designer by trade.

Transparency is extremely important for us. We believe it is important for any company to provide details on their product manufacturing and the provenance of their raw materials. When companies say "made in Canada", it is everyone's responsibility to ask questions.

For Go Coconut, it's just a part of our values.

We got the perfect fabric for your family’s lifestyle

The OG

Our oh-so-loved micro-brushed velveteen

✓ Made for indoor play
✓ Smooth and soft-to-the-touch
✓ Modelling effect
✓ Friction between pieces helps keep builds in place
✓ Commercial-grade abrasion resistance for indoor use

The Adventure

Made to keep up with your kids everywhere

✓ Made for indoor & outdoor play
✓ Perfect for sliding
✓ Water resistant with PUL backing
✓ UV-resistant
✓ Beautiful soft textured woven fabric
✓ Commercial-grade abrasion resistance indoors & outdoors use