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4 in 1 Kitchen Tower, Desk, Step Stool and Chalkboard by Avenlur

4 in 1 Kitchen Tower, Desk, Step Stool and Chalkboard by Avenlur

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Introducing Date - 4 in 1 Kitchen Tower, Desk, Step Stool and Chalkboard Combo, Redefining Creativity and Functionality in Every Corner of Your Home! Crafted with love, innovation, and a patented design, The Date isn't just any step stool; it's a versatile chameleon in the furniture world, ready to adapt to you and your child's ever-changing needs. Envision a world where your little helper not only gains independence and self-confidence but also acquires a plethora of skills, all thanks to a multifunctional piece of furniture. That's The Date experience.

  1. Kitchen Tower
  2. Desk
  3. Step Stool
  4. Chalkboard

This magical piece effortlessly transitions from a step stool, elevating your child to the perfect height for kitchen activities or reaching the bathroom sink, to a versatile desk for all things fun and educational, such as coloring and crafting. But The Date's functionality doesn't end here; with a simple flip, it transforms into a chalkboard, inviting endless creativity or offering a unique learning experience. This chalkboard feature is integral, enhancing its use as a kitchen tower, desk, and even more, making it a central hub for creativity and learning in your home.

Little Helper

Countertop height for your little one to help you mix, bake and cook all their favourites.


It has a chalkboard for your kids to scribble or write down ingredients while helping out in the kitchen.


Our Kitchen Tower turns into a desk for kids to do homework and colour.

Parents, The Date has your interests at heart too! Not only is it a wonder for kids, transforming from a kitchen tower to a chalkboard, desk, and step stool, but it's also a parent's dream come true. Constructed from premium ¾ inch birch plywood, it adheres to all US safety regulations, ensuring it's as safe as it is robust. Equipped with side handles, a back-guard rail, and requiring no professional installation, it’s designed to keep your little ones secure. And, recognizing how quickly kids grow, The Date comes with a 10-year warranty, promising to grow alongside your family.

Welcome to the world of The Date, where fun meets function in the most delightful way, with its chalkboard feature playing a starring role in your home's creativity and functionality.



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    After putting it together, we were sure our baby was going to be safe while enjoying being at our eye level. The only minor bad thing was that upon folding, the chair and desk were not perfectly aligned with the ground creating a minor wobble.