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Stock Updates

The ongoing health crisis continues to affect our industry, with many manufacturers and suppliers operating at a reduced capacity, and global shipping times taking much longer than usual. This page will be updated frequently to provide stock availability updates.

Brin d'Ours

February 2021 (Partial Delivery Recieved)

Outstanding items:
- Reindeer

- Baby Rabbits

- Baby Penguin

- Green Pond 

Next Delivery: Mid 2021



Next Delivery: January 2021 (ARRIVED!)

New Products: April 2021


Candylab Toys (New Models)

Early October 2020 (ARRIVED!)



November 2020 (ARRIVED!)

 Next Delivery: April 2021


Avdar Toys

January 2021 (ARRIVED!)

Next Delivery: February 2021


Legacy Learning Academy

September 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Rock Blocks

August 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Wood Wood Toys Rainbow Stacker

December 2020 (ARRIVED!)

Wood Wood Toys Rainbow Semi Circles

December 2020 (ARRIVED!)

Wood Wood Toys Wobble

ETA: Early 2021


Waytoplay Roads

November 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Ikonic Toys

August 2020 (ARRIVED!)


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