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Stock Updates

The ongoing health crisis continues to affect our industry, with many manufacturers and suppliers operating at a reduced capacity, and global shipping times taking much longer than usual. This page will be updated frequently to provide stock availability updates.

Brin d'Ours

ETA: October 2020 (ARRIVED!)

 Next Delivery: Early 2021



ETA: November 2020 (ARRIVED!)

 Next Delivery: Early December



Candylab Toys (New Models)

ETA: Early October 2020 (ARRIVED!)



ETA: November 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Avdar Toys

ETA: August 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Legacy Learning Academy

ETA: September 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Rock Blocks

ETA: August 2020 (ARRIVED!)


Wood Wood Toys Rainbow Stacker

ETA: In Stock! (ARRIVED!)

Wood Wood Toys Rainbow Semi Circles

ETA: Early December 

Wood Wood Toys Wobble

ETA: Early 2021


Waytoplay Roads

ETA: November 2020 (ARRIVED!)

 Next Delivery: Early December


Ikonic Toys

ETA: August 2020 (ARRIVED!)


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