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Juniper - Real Wood Folding Playset by Avenlur

Juniper - Real Wood Folding Playset by Avenlur

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What's Included:

1x Foldable Play structure
1x Slide/Rock Climber (reversible)
1x Baby Swing
1x Regular Swing

Imagine your children could enjoy a 4-1 indoor playset in your home while you wouldn’t have to surrender your living room space permanently. This is precisely what our foldable playset, the Juniper offers. This wooden indoor foldable climbing playset is one of our most popular products. Children can enjoy hours of fun on our wooden indoor playset that features a slide, rock wall, baby swing, and regular toddler swing. Then when it’s time for the adults, our foldable indoor playground does just that-it folds up and can be stowed away. Your living room returns to the restful oasis it was designed to be. 


What is the difference between the indoor set and the indoor/outdoor set?

Our indoor set is crafted from Pine, a sturdy wood commonly used for indoor furniture and structures. However, it's important to note that Pine is not as resistant to outdoor elements, and prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture may lead to damage over time.

Conversely, our indoor/outdoor sets are constructed from treated Cedar wood. Cedar is known for its natural durability and weather-resistant properties, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. This treated Cedar ensures that the set can withstand various weather conditions without compromising its quality.

Both sets are designed to maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality indoors, but the outdoor set provides added resilience to outdoor environments.

*We highly recommend moving your outdoor set indoors or into storage during harsh weather conditions, such as winter or extreme heat/humidity. While Cedar is durable, prolonged exposure to adverse weather can still cause damage over time, and any resulting damage will not be covered under our warranty. 

Variety is a fun wooden indoor playset   

Variety is crucial when choosing a wooden play set. With so many available on the market, you must select one with the equipment your kids will use and enjoy. The Juniper offers the most popular features for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. 

This indoor play set features two swings. Our baby belt swing with a fastener is designed for the youngest users. These two swings are interchangeable and easy to install. Once your child outgrows our bucket swing, included is a standard wood.

If your children are keen on sliding, our detachable wooden slide will delight them. But this wooden playset is also a rock wall. When your children are finished sliding, detach it, flip it and reattach it. Now your indoor playset has a rock climbing wall. 

The options offered on our wooden playset will keep your children entertained and engaged for hours at a time.   

A foldable playset or a learning tool?

There are plenty of learning opportunities on our wooden playset. They can develop leg and upper body strength while climbing the rock wall. Then they can transition to learning balance on the swing or spatial awareness on our slide. 

Since the Juniper is foldable, it can easily be transported or stored. That means it's easy to do when you want to use your living room or guest bedroom for its intended purpose. All you have to do is collapse it and stow it away.  

Now you’ve got a backyard wooden playset. During the warmer, sunnier months, you can take it outside and set it up. The same great fun just situated outside.

Our wooden toddler playsets are tough and kind!

The Juniper wooden playset is similar to all the products we design at Avenlur. It’s durable. That means it can withstand all the pushing, pulling, yanking, twisting, and jumping your children can give. Our wooden playset with slide is made from premium quality New Zealand pine and comes with a 10-year warranty. All our components meet the exacting standards of the ASTM (American Society for Test Materials) and the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) from the swing to the rock wall. Our foldable playset is finished in a non-toxic, BPA-free varnish, which is healthy for your child and the environment.     

The Juniper combines safety, functionality, and fun in our 4-1 wooden playset. 

Warning - Parents must supervise children while playing. Avenlur recommends

placing a soft rug on the floor underneath the structure to cushion in the event child falls during play.

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We promise you our products will last, and just to make sure, if any product part breaks or fails during the first 5 years of ownership because of defect in material or workmanship, we will replace it free of charge.

Ships directly from Avenlur's warehouse in the USA, duty and shipping costs are included in price.

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