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Spotlight: CLiCQUES Wooden Toys

We are so excited to welcome another innovative and award-winning brand to the Wood Wood Toys collection: CLiCQUES!

These colourful, beautiful, and endlessly fun mix-and-match peg people consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets. This means that you can mix them, switch their clothes and create new colour combinations! Minimal facial features of the figurines encourage imaginary play. CLiCQUES even come in house-shaped boxes that can be individually customized with beautiful interior backgrounds; these eco-conscious toys are beautiful as decorations even when they're not being played with (which, if our experience is anything go on on, is very unlikely!)

Every CLiCQUES figure is made from high-quality European hornbeam and hand-painted with child-safe paints and varnishes. From their small workshop, a whole rainbow of beautiful and diverse figures comes to life!

At Wood Wood Toys, we spend a lot of time searching for the best wooden and educational toys from around the world. We are delighted to be able to give Canadian families an opportunity to add these magical peg people to their playtime collection. 

We have found our CLiCQUES to be great for improving fine motor skills, and for learning about shades and colours by mixing different combinations – all with one friendly looking figurine which clicks every time you play with it!


GOOD TOYS: CE certificate, high-quality European hornbeam, child-safe paints and varnishes, HANDMADE IN SLOVENIA

EDUCATIONAL: inspire imagination, great for learning colours and colour combinations, help improve motor skills

FUN: magnet toys, super cool houses with custom backgrounds, DIY kits, beautiful garden, a never-ending story

ECO-FRIENDY: no plastic, environmentally friendly colours and varnishes, the box is an integral part of the toy


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