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Our New Birds of Canada and Leaves of Canada Puzzles are Here!

What's more Canadian than gridlock at the Tim Hortons drive-thru or salt-stained cuffs six months of the year? Our wildlife and nature! Whether we're raising our families in a vibrant urban neighbourhood or out in the countryside, we're all connected by our beautiful land and the plants and animals that were here first. 

Our two newest handmade Exclusives are a tribute to the birds and trees of Canada. Measuring approximately 30cm across, these large and beautifully detailed wooden puzzles are packed with surprises. 

Our Canadian Leaves puzzle features six iconic Canadian trees from every corner of the country: the White Spruce, Sugar Maple, Northern Red Oak, Eastern White Pine, Balsam Poplar and Western Red Cedar. Each piece's shape either closely follow the serrated edges of the broad leaves or follows a simpler path around the edge; young explorers will enjoy the challenge of identifying and matching each leaf's shape as they reassemble the puzzle.

Behind each piece we have inscribed a few interesting or surprising facts about each tree, including memorable details about their size, longevity, commercial uses or unique adaptations to the Canadian environment. Our trees are among our most precious inheritances, and we hope that our sustainably-produced wooden Leaves of Canada puzzle helps give others an appreciation for the living inhabitants that we share our land with.

Preorder yours now! Deliveries will begin in October 2019.

Canadian Birds of Canada Puzzle Wooden Handmade Montessori Educational Toy

Our Birds of Canada Puzzle is certain to be a popular gift this holiday season. Featuring eight familiar and iconic Canadian birds (the Common Loon, Blue Jay, Black Capped Chickadee, Cedar Waxwing, Rock Ptarmigan, Canada Goose, White Throated Sparrow and Ruby-Throated Hummingbird), the reverse of each puzzle piece also features a unique QR code that will play a high quality recording of each bird's signature song or call when scanned with a QR-capable device. 

This large, highly detailed wooden puzzle is sturdy enough for classroom use and will surely become the nature lover's treasured favourite. 

Birds of Canada Canadian Handmade Wooden Puzzle Educational Montessori Toy for Kids on sale

Please note that these images depict a pre-production sample, final version will feature the title "Birds of Canada"!

Preorders are now open, hurry - these won't last long!

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These are so gorgeous!

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