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Holiday Gift Guide: Wood Toys for All Ages (Part 1)

Every kid on your list is different, but we've got amazing toys for all ages. Our carefully curated selection of beautiful wooden toys will inspire, educate and engage every one of them. Make it a plastic and battery free holiday this year with our great selections.

0 Months+

There' s nothing like that first Christmas! If you have some under-ones on your list, we have some great suggestions for the littles!

The Skwish Grasping Toy by Manhattan Toy can intrigue little hands and minds while teaching cause and effect and developing gross motor skills. 

Available in several colourful designs, we are particularly big fans of the classic and natural looking "Artful Skwish". Every Skwish is a simple classic, with springy, rebounding elastic strung between sustainable wood teether rods. This multi-sensory activity provides unlimited infant entertainment. It introduces the concept of cause and effect while boosting the development of important gross motor skills such as grasping and reaching. Along with the similar Baby Beads by Manhattan, it's a can't miss gift for the smallest ones on your list!

12 - 24 months

The holidays are a busy time, and it can be hard to find balance between work, family, your shopping list and shoveling the driveway. Our Balance Rocks by Avdar can turn that quest for balance into a fun and beautiful open-ended activity. These handcrafted wooden 'rocks' help develop concentration and problem solving, and they can even promote a more mindful approach to life by inviting us to slow down. Create beautiful towers or colourful groves of boulders; The only limit is your imagination! 









Our handcrafted Rainbow Montessori Stacker is a 100% Canadian-made take on a timeless classic. This truly natural toy is an invitation to a limitless range of imaginary and creative play activities. It's a balance toy a puzzle, plus the arches can be used as bridges, tunnels, fences, caves and so much more. For children in the crucial developmental stages that occur between one and two years old, the colours and shapes are an invitation to play that cannot be matched by any other toy - and it looks so good on the shelf that many people mistake it for a piece of art! We use non-toxic, child-safe water based stains (NO worrisome paints or sealants are used), and it cleans easily with a damp rag. 

You'll be amazed by all the different ways that families play with this toy. A quick tour of Pinterest should inspire you with enough "stacking rainbow" ideas to keep the whole family busy until next Christmas!

2 years+ (Pre Schoolers)

For kiddos on your list who are between toddlerhood and kindergarten, we have a range of toys that promote brain and body development

Our handcrafted Birds of Canada and Leaves of Canada puzzles are beautiful wooden items that will introduce young learners to the natural world around them. The unique shapes will challenge younger users to match the pieces with their corresponding spots. The bird pieces feature a unique QR code on the back of each piece which links to a recording of the bird's signature call when scanned with a digital device. The leaf pieces reveal a paragraph of text explaining the significance of each tree to the Canadian ecosystem along with some surprising facts about their environmental adaptations to our climate. Give a gift that's beautiful and inspiring this year!

The immensely popular Wood Wood Wobble is a 100% Canadian-made take on the globally popular "wobbleboard", a playroom essential that helps develop balance and strength while supporting a preschooler's confidence and imagination.  Flip the Wood Wood Wobble over and it becomes an open-ended playmate; is it a bridge, a ramp, a step-stool, a reading table or the secret hideout for an imaginary friend? With the long winter months settling in across the country, this is a great way to stay physically engaged without having to brave the cold (or the challenge of dressing a toddler in snowpants).

Check back for our gift guide for bigger kids soon! 




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