Great Gift Ideas under $30

Great Gift Ideas under $30


Holiday gift shopping doesn't need to blow the budget. We've got lots of great gift ideas under $30, perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers or all kinds of seasonal gift-giving surprises. Here are a few of our favourites!

Grapat Lucky Lucky 2nd Edition: $15.99 

A gift that you can open even after you unwrap it! Grapat's "Lucky Lucky" is a set of blind boxes, which means that every box contains a surprise. You can collect them all or you can spend hours of open-ended play with just one. Get yours right here!


Candylab Candyvans: from $23.00



Have some four-wheeled fun with Candylab's famous Candyvans! Choose from a growing collection of food trucks, work trucks and emergency vehicles. These sturdy wooden toys fit on most toy racetracks, and they're packed with personality. 


Erzi Vegetables (small): $17.50

 Have some tasty fun with this little wooden crate full of Erzi's realistic small-sized vegetable toys. These are great for pretend play, or for introducing ideas around nutrition and balanced food choices. They're also a favourite of Montessori-method classrooms around the world. Erzi's wooden play food is durable and charming, and a great gift idea that won't break the bank. Bon appetit!


Grimms Neon Pink Tower (small): $27.99

Grimm's surprised everybody when they launched their vibrant and eye-popping GRIMMS x NEON collection earlier this year, and their small stacking towers are priced within reach of every budget. The exclusive neon wash is unlike anything else on the market, and like all Grimm's toys they are as fun to play with as they are to look at. For the youngest kiddos on your list, this great stacker will add a pop of colour to any play space and will help promote early motor development, sorting, stacking and creative open-ended play.
HABA 3D Arranging Cube: $26.99
AA new twist on a wooden toy classic. An eight-sided rainbow? Yes, you can make one with HABA's "Rainbow Cubes 3D" arranging game and building set. Kiddos can lay them out in patterns or in a colourful jumble, or add them to an existing block collection to enable coloruful new designs. The unlimited possibilities for arranging the coloured blocks provide for ongoing entertainment in free play or by reproducing the illustrations
Lubulona Tow Truck: $29.99
Who needs a tow? You can't go wrong with toy cars at Christmas, and this made-in-Spain set has a flatbed truck, a Lubu car and a couple peg people to help bring imagination play to life. No need to worry anymore if your little car has had an accident or has broken down, call the tow truck and it will be taken care of! 
Our great gift ideas for every budget don't end here. Shop our huge selection of the best wooden toys from Canada and around the world and we're certain you'll find the perfect gift for everybody on your list.
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