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Wooden Caterpillar

Mammoth figurine - Waldorf Dinosaurs by Wooden Caterpillar

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This wooden Mammoth toy would be a great addition to any waldorf nature table or play space.
This toy will inspire imaginative play and curiosity about science. The figurine looks very realistic and is quite large. Ideal party favor or gift for a themed birthday party.

A wooden toy is an excellent way to introduce a child to the ancestors of modern elephants, mammoths. Ancient mammals were twice as large as the largest animals of our time - African elephants. Impressive, right?

SIZE: 14 x 14 cm/5.51 x 5.51 inches, width 18mm/0.71 inches

MATERIALS UTILISED: ashwood, organic linseed oil, non-toxic paints

AGE: 3+ years



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